DONE! (Well…kinda)

I have just finished writing my Master’s project proposal. It’s been an experience. Since I’ve known I’ll be moving out of state (circa November), I’ve been trying to finish all the classes I can to avoid the horrors of transferring graduate-level credits. Since January I’ve taken 10 credits, including my weenie 1 credit I get for the completion of my project proposal. Needless to say, I haven’t had to worry about how to spend all my free time the last few months.

Below is a word cloud for my Master’s project via Wordle. Care to guess the topic?

Wordle- Master\'s Project Proposal

Thanks to Terry and Kevin for bringing Wordle to my attention via Twitter.

5 thoughts on “DONE! (Well…kinda)

  1. It has to do with students …. and online work with collaboration and science? Or across the curriculum?
    Am I close?

  2. Not too shabby!

    It specifically deals with one type of online work/tool.

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  4. I didn’t have any trouble getting it to work. I was using Firefox as well. I know it uses a Java applet, which I know I’ve had problems with on some computers at my school.

    Sorry…not much help. 🙁